The Poppals consist of pedagogical methodology created together with the Department of 'Pre-school and Primary School Education' and the Department of 'Special pedagogy' at the 'Faculty of educational studies and the arts' at Sofia University, as well as primary teachers.

Our methodology takes into account:

The school curriculum
  • Students solve problems that cover the school curriculum relevant for 1-st to 4-rd grade.
  • Students are introduced to different ecological problems that are subject to the school curriculum.
The tough teacher's schedule
  • Includes a thorough methodological guide that helps teachers through their journey with the Poppals.
  • Provides guidelines on how to perform the analysis of students' teamwork as well as giving them effective feedback.
  • All activities with the Poppals take no more than 20 – 30 minutes school time per week.
The latest demands and expectations towards teachers
  • Allows teachers to use modern technologies and play in class.
  • Allows teachers to develop the social skills and emotional intelligence of their students, which are a crucial part of the 21-st century skills framework.
The possible lack of school infrastructure
  • There should be 5 – 6 tablets for a class of 30 students.
  • No internet is required.
  • The Poppals' board games are physical alternative to our digital games.
Transferring learning into new contexts
  • The teacher can give group homework where students have to practice what they have learned at school by playing in distrubted, virtual teams.
  • Through our physical board games the students can practie what they have learned at school by playing in teams with their family and friends.
The need for a specific learning content
  • The teacher can create games with a custom, authored content that reflects her students specific learning needs.
  • The teacher can share her own learning content with others and build strong teacher community.
The benefits of cooperative learning
  • Allows cooperative learning which has been proven to increase the academic achievemment of students.
  • Allows the teacher to diversify the learning process which has been proven to increase students motivation and engagement.
The risks associated with digital technologies
  • The Poppals are only accessible in a school environment.
  • The Poppals are always played under the supervision of a teacher.